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5 Hindrances to Winning the Race

By • May 20th, 2008

We can make several analogies between how we run a race on the track and how we pursue our dreams or other goals we set for ourselves.

What’s your Excuse?

By • Feb 20th, 2008

Are you making up excuses to explain why you don’t change your life? Why you don’t take the required steps?

Reveal Your Secret Love

By • Feb 14th, 2008

Every now and then, I attempt to stretch my comfort zone. I decided to write something about love. I thought I’d set aside the usual slant of my pieces and let the topic take me where it will. I eased in the zone and went with the flow and this is where the session took me.

8 Strategies to chase away the Christmas blues

By • Dec 18th, 2007

It is common knowledge now that many of the suicides that take place around this time of year are due to depression and loneliness. If in the midst of all the Christmas merriment that surrounds you, you are harboring some Christmastime blues, skip the Prozac and sample the following strategies to disperse the dark clouds and welcome and enjoy the season.