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Archive for the ‘Project Management’ Category

33 Timeless Time Management Strategies – The Result

By Marques • Oct 2nd, 2007

Some days ago I told you that I had entered a post into Vivien’s Time Management Group Writing Project. Yesterday she published all the entries to this project and the result are 33 very good strategies for Time management.

It’s URGENT, Urgent I say… but is it?

By Marques • Sep 14th, 2007

Each our tasks require different amounts of time and have different degrees of importance, but all need to be addressed in a proper manner. One of the most valuable “tricks” I’ve found to help me decide how to invest my time next (yes, time is a commodity that is not to be wasted, but invested) is being able to decide the urgency and importance of each task and separate them accordingly.

8Apps – for Productive People (invites to give)

By Marques • Sep 13th, 2007

Social Networks are everywhere and mostly I would say that they are very very counter productive. But what if social networking could be productive?