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8 Strategies to chase away the Christmas blues

By • Dec 18th, 2007

It is common knowledge now that many of the suicides that take place around this time of year are due to depression and loneliness. If in the midst of all the Christmas merriment that surrounds you, you are harboring some Christmastime blues, skip the Prozac and sample the following strategies to disperse the dark clouds and welcome and enjoy the season.

8 Stress-Relieving Practices

By • Dec 14th, 2007

Like most people, your life may be like a large ball of activities rolling along with you at the center, feeling and looking frazzled, listless and tired. It doesn’t take a whole lot to ease the stress and exhaustion that results from a hectic lifestyle. Incorporate some simple regular practices into your routine and you’ll quickly see and feel the difference.

Prep Yourself for Success

By • Dec 9th, 2007

What is the secret to success? Well, it is more than just talent. The truth is, there is no secret. There is no magical formula to follow and no shortcuts to take. Neither does it come easily. Successful people know that it takes prayer, determination, focus and hard work to achieve any kind of success. These qualities describe the mindset and attitude that propels dreamers into the reality of their dreams.

Dream everyday

By • Dec 7th, 2007

It costs nothing to dream. So, why are you afraid?