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FlashLinks: Nov 29, 2007

By Marques • Nov 29th, 2007

Linking to the best on the web. November 29, 2007

FlashLinks: Nov 18th, 2007

By Marques • Nov 18th, 2007

My picks for the Nov 18th Week. Mostly Productivity and Personal Development.

33 Timeless Time Management Strategies – The Result

By Marques • Oct 2nd, 2007

Some days ago I told you that I had entered a post into Vivien’s Time Management Group Writing Project. Yesterday she published all the entries to this project and the result are 33 very good strategies for Time management.

Turn Off that darn thing… Your productivity level will thank you

By Marques • Sep 26th, 2007

The widespread of TVs around the world was a milestone for culture and cultural diversity: news from all over the globe are just at the tip of our fingers, documentaries can teach us something that we would never even remember to think of, etc. Nonetheless, TV is only useful when consumed in moderation.