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The Site…

Better Living Today is my approach to a better quality of life.

I am not a productivity guru and sincerely I don’t want to be. If one stops learning to just start teaching, life gets too boring. Nonetheless, there are always the small things that can be improved (the so called life hacks) in every aspect of life, productivity included of course.

In here, I just intend to share my small approaches. And if they work for you too, much better.

Let us learn together…

The Author

You can find more about me at the Digital-Folders Network Team page.

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Cheryl Wright

Cheryl is a guest blogger at Better Living Today. And what a fantastic writer she is. Check out her posts. Just find one and click on her name below the title, or use the search box right at the top.

She is a freelance writer and columnist. Her interior design, inspirational and lifestyle articles have been published internationally. You can also read what she writes about writing or her perspectives on Life.

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Guest Bloggers

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