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Just remember D.R.E.A.M.

By • Jul 2nd, 2008 • Category: Lead Article, Personal Development

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  We usually start off a New Year eager to see what it brings and excited to make some in roads into areas we might have been toying with for a while. Yet, as the weeks and months slip by, we are painfully aware that the time is going fast, while we remain stagnant.

We can quickly feel as if we have been swallowed up by our daily responsibilities and sinking further down in the pool of all work and no life. Additionally, what little snippets of time or puffs of energy we have left over are pressed into duty by an odd demand here and an odd demand there. Before we know it, we have lost our way, misplaced our list of goals and even worse, our dream is missing in action.

Is this where you are now, today?

Even if you have to forego chasing your dream for a while, you don’t necessarily have to give up all together. When you are too busy and exhausted to do anything else but fall into bed and wait for sleep to come, take a minute to use the word DREAM to remind you of the goals you want to achieve and to keep you inspired and excited about them.

D – Dare to dream your dream.

With all the commitments on your plate right now, the timing might be all wrong to go after your dream. Nevertheless, don’t let anyone play down its importance to you.

Well-meaning individuals can be blind to the passion you harbour in your heart. Steeped in their own opinions, they are deaf to your explanations and plans. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid such people. So you learn quickly to devise ways to survive their efforts to change your mind and steer you in a different direction. Arguing and fighting may never change their minds or help them to understand.

So I suggest that you be gracious in the face of their advice, criticisms and even their dismissive remarks.

A quiet but resolute stance will keep the dream alive, build your confidence, strengthen your determination and empower you to take the first steps when the time is right. Refuse to let the ammunition of negativity to penetrate and destroy it. Regardless how far-fetched it may seem to others, dare to dream your dream.

R-Renounce your fears.

Fear is a killer of dreams. It conjures up negative images of you at your worst and your dreams shattered at your feet.

You can’t run from fear. It may be deep-seated and stem from a bad experience or some external conditioning and the history of your fear can seem real. But fear keeps you stuck. You cower in one corner of your life casting blame and complaining while your dream remains unfulfilled.

Stand your ground in the face of your worse fears and dismantle its hold on you.

E – Enlighten your mind.

During the years when there was neither time nor money to allocate to pursuing my dream, I saturated my mind with related information. I am not advocating that you become an information junkie like I did and still am today. Instead, I encourage you to garner the kinds of information that could give you a head start when the time comes.

Sometimes though, too much knowledge can put you at a disadvantage. Because you have learned so much more than is necessary to approach your project, you become impatient with the systems and people you have to depend on.

Still, it is far better to begin with far more knowledge than you need. After all, an enlightened mind is a prepared mind.

A – Anticipate success.

If you doubt that you will succeed, you are already defeated. Because you had to put off the grand beginning you planned doesn’t mean that you’ll never get started. Since you are never too old to pursue your dream, success is simply delayed, not impossible.

Picture yourself taking the steps you need to take, accomplishing one goal after another and finally acquiring success. Anticipating success can lift you out of the doldrums of a hard day and difficult situations and keep you hopeful about successfully achieving your dream.

M – Maintain a positive attitude.

The road to achieving your dream can be filled with stops and starts and long periods of no movement at all. When discouragements, failures, and diversions crop up as they often do, they can easily blind you to the positive aspects they bring. The willingness to look for the good encased in the bad is one ingredient that could prevent you from throwing your hands in the air and quitting before you begin.

This is not a hairy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky kind of attitude but a mindset based on prayer, dependence on God, gratitude, contentment, sacrifice, compromise and realistic expectations. In the midst of adversity keep a positive outlook on life and its experiences and a bright view of the future. Remember too, that whatever afflicts you today or blocks your path tomorrow, could be working for better in the end.

Throughout history many people who have accomplished their dreams, tell stories that are laced with the unexpected, disappointments, stumbling blocks and even failures. Yet their greatest joy is that despite it all, they were able to stay resolute, struggle through and make it to the end.

In time, you can tell a similar story. While you attend to the business of living today, keep your dream alive with one word – DREAM.

Photo credit – Ditch the Kitch!! (under CC-a-nc-nd 2.0)

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  1. You’re right. Fear IS a killer of dreams. It’s been one of the hardest things for me to overcome: the fear of success. And in this economy, after having been laid off like countless others, it’s a tough one to beat. All you have to do is look around you, and you can see it on the faces of many people in your everyday life.

    As Kramer said, “Serenity NOW!”

  2. What a great post. Everyone has fears, but even worse, dreamkillers in their lives telling them “you cannot do that” “be realistic” or worse. We must keep our heads up and focus on what is important to us, realizing that we can accomplish our dreams if we do not give up.

    Poker Lessons

  3. Sometimes we do not pursue a dream because we are afraid to venture beyond our comfort zone. I truly enjoyed this post. Thank you.
    Isa (a.k.a

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