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Don’t Ignore Signposts in Your Life

By • Jun 11th, 2008 • Category: Lead Article, Personal Development

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In life, we encounter signposts that remind us to stop, look, listen and learn. They are there for a reason and we are remiss if we don’t take them seriously.

Signs can be annoying when we just want to get on with the business of living, working and pursuing our goals. After all, we hear that the world is our oyster and the sky is the limit. We are busy trying to manage a multitude of tasks on our way to collect our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We barely have the time or patience to help those in need. We are so consumed by the demands of our busy lives that we discard common courtesies.

Furthermore, when we fall behind on our schedule or assume additional responsibilities, we step up the pace leaving collateral damage behind. Then, when we see signposts we lament, “I don’t have time for this.” But they are not obstructions in our path but designed to keep us safe, sane and centered.

Let’s look at some of life’s common signposts and their messages.


Because we are inclined to work ourselves ragged, insisting that our lifestyle and career demands that we be constantly on the go, this signpost reminds us to pull onto the shoulder and stop. Traveling at full speed, every day, with only the necessary daily stops to eat and sleep, is no way to live a fulfilled and joyful life. If we don’t stop for regularly scheduled physical, emotional and spiritual tune ups, eventually, we lose steam. With no energy left, our motivation falters, we lose hope, sputter and stall.

Sometimes “Stop” may mean a short rest just to take a breath and then we can move on. Other times, it demands a full-blown sabbatical to engage in serious self-evaluation and physical rejuvenation.

So, when you see the sign, please, STOP.


Our lives today are cramped with 21st century demands, activities and concerns that did not exist before. We feel compelled to get with the program, fit in and go with the flow. Plus, modern-day life stands in glaring comparison to the “good old days.” And, we talk about them with more than a hint of nostalgia. Life was so simple and we could easily count the simple joys and blessings of that bygone era.

The weight of our responsibilities drives us to rise up and rush out before dawn and return long after dusk. The truly good things in life get lost in those long, activity-filled hours. Busy making a living, we forget to make a life.

But whether we see them or not, there are blessings today too. Don’t be content to just glance at them in the review mirror, as you hurry ahead. Look for them, acknowledge them, count them and more importantly, be thankful for them.

Look for the joys and blessings that grace your life and help you to walk through each day.


Sounds fill our days. Our hearts speak. Do we listen to its message? It sings. Do we hear its songs? When someone we know cries, do we listen to their sobs, try to decipher the deeper story behind their pain and take time to understand and empathize?

Additionally, we are more prone to discard the wiser voices of age reason and experience for the more popular modern thinking. Even the voice in own hearts gets lost in the din of other people’s opinions and preferences. Even worse, we turn a deaf ear to God’s voice in His word, reminding us of the age-old spiritual beliefs and precepts we have cast aside in favor of new-age principles.

Every so often, this signpost crops up to prompt us to turn away our ears from the wisdom of the world that may be contrary to the wisdom of God. It reminds us to listen once more to the commands to forgive, show compassion, give generously and selflessly, to practice self-control, and love our neighbor.

Are you listening to your heart, God’s voice and the cry of people around you?


I believe that every circumstance in our lives bears a lesson for us to learn, memorize and carry with us as we move along. I also believe that we have a mandate to use the lessons we learn to encourage others in their own struggles.

It is all too common for us to grow discontent with the present state of affairs in our home life and work environment. Plus, the news coming out of countries around the world daily fills us with anxiety and fear. Left unchecked, these feelings will take us on the ride of our life, down the road of utter despair and hopelessness.

Whether from our own experiences or those of others, we can learn lessons that will impact how we deal with present and future situations. Hope, prayer, faith and dependence on God makes all the difference in how we handle and survive difficult times.

What lessons have you learned from the past? What lessons can you learn from the challenges you are facing today?

Life features many lanes and each is flooded with people on their individual journeys and some of us are in a mad rush to get to our destinations. In our harried pursuits, we take chances and shortcuts. We ignore the signposts with messages designed to enhance and improve our lives and the journeys we undertake.

Don’t ignore these signposts in your life – Stop, Look, Listen and Learn.

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