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What does your home say about you?

By • Nov 27th, 2007 • Category: Habits, Personal Development

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Did you know that your home speaks? Well it does, and it speaks volumes, about you. Your personality, attitudes, opinions and dreams are manifested in the way you decorate your home. Consequently, the sum total of who you are is broadcast to all who walk through your door.

However, your home can also tell lies about you. Let us say for instance, that you are most at-home and at your best and true self in a space that reeks of a very casual and homey style. Yet your home says to visitors that they must take off their shoes at the front door, walk carefully, sit up straight, see, but don’t touch. You home is telling lies about you.

Likewise, a disorganized and cluttered home could be giving the wrong impression about you, as a person who is very methodical, controlled and thrives best in a clean, structured and well-ordered environment.

If your home is sending the wrong messages about you, it is time to set the record straight. In order to set up your home to reflect your lifestyle, you may need to formulate a new direction for your life based on who you are. Re-evaluate your goals and rework your décor to complement your personality, lifestyle and even your dreams.

Your home should never speak of the lifestyles of other people, nor should it shout the latest design trends just so that you can be the envy of your friends. It should radiate with the kind of mood you’re most comfortable with and the possessions that make you smile. When visitors come to your home, they should be greeted with the essence of the person or persons who inhabit it.

Never one to follow the crowd, my home shouts that loud and clear. I can appreciate all the new and trendy design ideas I see on HGTV, in magazines and at the mall, but my heart belongs to the easy style of a country cottage. Nothing makes my heart sing like the look of a country cottage complete with wood, wrought iron, rattan, beautiful natural fabrics and lots of baskets. My collection of teapots sit prominently on top of my kitchen cabinets. I’ve also placed a few in other rooms as well to hold loose change, ivy plants and candles. My fascination with aprons amuses my friends. They hang from picture hooks attached to the back of a door in the kitchen. Baskets, another staple, serve decorative and functional purposes in every room. My favorite colors, green, terracotta red, mustard yellow, orange, red and rust, punctuate rather than dominate my home’s décor. My home is certainly not dressed to impress but to provide a soothing, tranquil and relaxed atmosphere for my lifestyle. I arranged the layout and accessories to please my eye and encourage quiet time, reflection, intimate conversation and to inspire creativity.

The environment in which we live plays a major role in our lives and the design and decoration of our homes is the perfect opportunity to unearth our creativity and express it freely.

Let everyone else do as they please. But refuse to slavishly stick to design rules and blindly follow current trends. Begin from the standpoint of how you live in your home and what design solutions will enhance your lifestyle and nurture you. Aim to put the stamp of your personality on your home as you build its décor carefully over time.

We are not stagnant beings. How we live and what we like and dislike changes with the varied seasons of life. Consequently, we never really finish decorating our homes. They change and evolve along with us.

It is not important how your home appears to others or whether it replicates what other people possess or are crazy about this year. What matters most is that it reflects your own personal taste and showcases what is important to you. Likewise, your home’s décor should cater to and portray all that you are, love, have, and dream.

Design and decorate your home with freedom and passion. Outfit it with the furnishings you like and that accommodate your lifestyle needs. Fill it with the treasures you love, and infuse the atmosphere that nurtures your soul and soothes your senses at the end of the day.

Your challenge is to create a home that brings to the fore the real you and a décor that aligns itself to how you live within its walls. Whatever your home says about you, make sure it speaks the unbridled truth.


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