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Prep Yourself for Success

By • Dec 9th, 2007 • Category: Featured Articles, Personal Development

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If you want to be successful, stop looking for secret plans, magic keys and mystical codes. If you don’t believe that you are wired with a success-oriented mindset, don’t despair. You can cultivate the same mindset that has helped people to achieve the success they desire.

Here are seven characteristics of successful people that you can use to prep yourself for your own success.

1. They stay passionate.

A desire that is here-today and gone-tomorrow does not qualify as a dream. Successful people live, breathe, taste and smell what they want to achieve. They live with the belief that it is just beyond their grasp. Whenever their passion wanes, as it sometimes does, they develop strategies to dispel the fog of disillusionment and warm up the glow of their passion once more.

Identify the fog that has settled over your passion. Find you own strategies to dissipate the clouds of doubt and fear and refocus the floodlight on your dream.

2. They see the possibilities.

It’s better to focus on what is possible, rather than what is impossible. It’s all right to consider what you don’t want to happen, but avoid dealing with negative scenarios. Don’t spend time comparing yourself and your abilities to that of others. Instead, focus on the success stories. Talk to and read about people who have succeeded. If nothing else, their success says that if they can, so can you.

3. They lean on a positive-thinking support system.

Stay away from toxic people. If you can’t lose them learn to ignore them whenever their toxic chatter and attitudes manifest themselves. Formulate some quick "come backs" and use them often to ward off their poisonous venom. Alternatively, maintain open and free flowing communication with people who, while they may not fully understand your drive and motivation, will still cheer you on.

4. They capitalize on emotion.

Emotion can paralyze you but it can also motivate you. A successful person will quickly convert the negative feelings associated with self-doubt and depression into energy. It sometimes helps to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder, to make you feel that you need to prove yourself.

Don’t hide your emotion. Drag it to the surface and milk it for all it is worth.

5. They welcome constructive criticism.

A crucial element of the attitude for success is knowing how to deal with criticism. The typical tactics for dealing with criticism is to allow yourself a specific time period to get angry, repair and change what is necessary. Then you get back on track.

Refuse to be a victim of criticism. Don’t let it cripple you, but view it as an opportunity for improvement. Search for the valuable substance in each critical remark. Is it possible you’re not thinking of, seeing or doing something you should be? The sooner you get past the emotion and zero in on the constructive aspects, the better.

Be grateful if your critics take the time to clarify their statements. For example, don’t let someone get away with saying that you’re selfish. Ask for clarification. If they can recall situations in which you acted selfishly, maybe you will see it clearly, and have a chance to explain, apologize or make changes.

6. They remain optimistic.

Successful people don’t waste time wallowing in the sea of pessimism. They know that disappointments are part of the journey toward success but they expect the best of every person and situation. Then when disappointments come, they deal with them. They extract and utilize the positive aspects and move ahead.

Don’t cling to the notion that you are a natural born pessimist. Like any other quality, optimism can be learned. I’ve read that you can cultivate a new habit, if you practice it daily, for twenty-one days. Why not try it and turn your pessimism into optimism.

7. They don’t quit.

Perseverance and commitment can sound like clichés. Yet, even if by their fingertips, successful people hold on to the dream they carry in their hearts. They hold out for the success they envision. They persist against hardships, setbacks and trauma.

If you want to move from the position of dreaming about success to holding it in your hand, take these two clichés, which make up the “don’t quit” attitude and make them your watchwords.

Success means different things to different people. It has no concrete definition, time limits or secret golden rules attached to it. One thing for sure, the road to success has potholes and they are made up of days when you take two steps forward and one back or zero steps forward and five back. Circumstances and individuals may appear to conspire against you. However, if you learn to stay passionate and positive, seek and utilize opportunities and criticisms and persevere you can blaze a trail to success in any endeavor.


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