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Give yourself gifts of comfort

By • Dec 4th, 2007 • Category: Lead Article, Personal Development

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We spend so much of our days expending our energies on tasks that may not cater directly to our own needs. We know in our hearts that not giving to or caring for ourselves depletes us and weakens our continued attempts to keep up with our responsibilities.

I have found that when I sprinkle my days with little dollops of comfort I keep feelings of overwhelm at bay. I guess we could think of comfort as the ultimate luxury. It is a luxury we can give ourselves each day and not only on special occasions.

Comfort in the home gives us a sense of well being and contentment, so start there.

* Have specific place for clothes that you have to mend. Mending by hand should be an activity devoid of stress. Choose a time when there are no other pressing demands on your time. Take the items and mending supplies with you to a comfortable chair and use this simple household chore as a time to put up your tired feet.

* The best position for your bed is where it feels most comfortable to you but still allows an easy traffic flow. Place yours at an angle or off-center on a wall so you can enjoy a view through your window, even if that view is of the sky.

* Pile lots of pretty pillows on your bed for a luxurious look and ample comfort for reading there. When you are ready to sleep, store them on a chair or in a corner. If you have room, place a bench or small chair at the foot of the bed and leave your bedspread there at night.

* Keep a small, personal basket on your bedside table. Include such items as a drinking glass, a spoon, lip balm, hand cream, night-time medication, cologne etc. If you prefer not to have them exposed, use a covered basket or throw a small scarf over them.

* If you don’t have room in your kitchen for a family-sized breakfast table, put a small two-chair porch set next to a window or snuggled in a corner. It could be your special space. Use it to enjoy some natural light, a view of your garden, to read or do some other activity while cooking something you need to keep your eye on. Your husband and children can also use the space to keep you company while you prepare meals.

* Make your living room your favorite place to relax. Group your furniture for small, cozy intimate sitting areas. Small groups make a room inviting and warm. They also encourage conversation and spontaneity.

* Buy an air freshener in your favorite scent for the bathroom. Choose one that you don’t have to spray but that fills the room with fragrance all day. It must be strong enough to treat you to a whiff of fragrance whenever you pass by your bathroom door.

* Keep your dining table clear of clutter especially if it is visible from other rooms in your home. Clutter anywhere creates a sense of confusion and doesn’t order well for calm, harmonious and comfortable living. A beautiful centerpiece need not be elaborate or expensive. Pick a couple of related items from your kitchen cabinets and group them for an eye-pleasing display.

* If you still enjoy the pleasure of writing letters by hand, keep a box of stationery, stamps and a selection of postcards in a basket, along with a small clipboard and a few pens. You could also keep you journal there as well as a small notebook to jot down those fleeting thoughts of the odd household chores that need to get done. With a well-equipped basket like this, you can choose to sit anywhere in your home to catch up on correspondence or other paperwork.

* Put together a gift-wrapping box. Fill a large box with tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon etc. Add pinking shears, straight scissors, scotch tape, some gift cards and pens. When all your supplies are together, it is easy and fun to wrap a gift for anyone, at anytime.

* Make taking a telephone message simple. Keep a colorful notepad/message pad and a couple of pens or sharpened pencils next to each telephone.

* Adopt a slower pace when at home. After a hectic week of eating on the run or swallowing your food, have meals on a weekend, don’t simply eat food. After each meal, resist the temptation to charge off after some household chore. Instead, linger a while. Don’t rush.

In the spirit of giving and good cheer, add your name to your list and give yourself some simple gifts of comfort in your own home.

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