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FlashLinks: Nov 18th, 2007

By Marques • Nov 18th, 2007 • Category: FlashLinks

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After a blog redesign (feedback anyone?) it’s time to roundup what has caught my attention around the web.

I also need to express my gratitude to Cheryl Wright who has been creating fantastic content for this site as a guest blogger. Thanks Cheryl…

Now, for some interesting reading:

  • Leo from Zen Habits published an article where he discusses the main advantages of being free from the office and turning into an location-independent professional. This is something that many look forward to. So, he ends his article with 10 tips to achieve this goal.
  • How much time do you spend commuting from home to work and work to home? Probably too much. But there are some small things that can improve your daily commute. Susan from the Productivity Cafe gives you 7 of them.
  • Always worrying on what comes next is no way to pass your days. Miami suggests the alternative of making your day dynamic, at Pick the Brain.
  • Do you think all the work is making a dent on your social skills? Yeah, it happens. Too much time spent at the desk, and the habit of socializing flies away. For those rare moments, Henrik at the Positivity Blog shares 8 timeless tips to make the most out of it and grease the social skills.
  • But social skills doesn’t always mean talking too much. There are moments when less is more when it comes to words. By Mike at the Daily Saint.
  • Organize IT (Spike) brings a triple feature on To-Do Lists Management. He starts on the importance of streamlining the to-do list and goes on with 20 tips on how to slim and trim the list. Very nice read.
  • Concentration skills are evermore a requirement for success. Unfortunately, not all of us have exceptional high levels of concentration. Although changing and improving can take a long time, it is possible as usually happens with mind skills, and Steven at Change your thoughts comes up with 10 ways to improve concentration. Now, if I can only manage to include them on my to-do list…


Additional “To-Read”:

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  1. Thanks for the link to my to-do list series, glad you liked it. As for your new design, I think it looks good. I’m currently in the middle of a re-design and it’s given me a few ideas.

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog article “Smart Goals”!

    Your blog looks great!! Have fun with it!

  3. Hi Marques. Thanks for the link to my article “Work Smarter, not Harder.”

    You also have a good list of links in this post as well. I really liked the one about making the day dynamic from Pick the Brain.

  4. Thanks for the link to my site, The Daily Saint. I love your list of other prod sites- very strong. Keep up the good work,


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