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FlashLinks (02 Set 2007)

By Marques • Sep 3rd, 2007 • Category: FlashLinks

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I know that I’ve been too far for too long… Sometimes not even with the best productivity tips you can get past the 24 hours per day imposed (sometimes three times that would feel good). Setting up the Digital-Folders Network has been more than a full time job, but things are starting to stand on their feet and that is rewarding.

Anyway, nothing better to get the ball rolling again than sharing some of what has been written around the web.


  • Gleb Reys at the Personal Development blog gives us a few ideas about increasing Workplace productivity. He talks about three simple, yet very functional, tools to be used around the office. His first one is my favorite.
  • Sarah Ost guest posts at the fantastic zen habits blog and gives us 6 ways to slim your midsection. If only I could get to all of them…
  • Donald at Life Optimizer lists 11 sure-fire ways to have a calm and peaceful mind. There is one or two that I might not completely agree with, but that is another story. In total, is very much worth reading…
  • And finally, just in time, Michael at the Affiliate Home Based Business tells us simply to Shut Up!


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4 Responses »

  1. Hi, and thanks for linking back!

    It was also very nice of you to mention the Digital Folders, I’m really interested in joining it with my one of my technical blog.

  2. Hi Gleb,

    You’re very welcome. I like to share the things that interest me with my readers.

    About the Digital Folders, we got your contact and if you check your email you have your answer already.

    Lots of success.

  3. Thanks for a speedy reply, Marques!

    Talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks for the link love! I appreciate it.

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