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Energize yourself out of energy bars and drinks

By Marques • May 28th, 2007 • Category: Feeling Well, Nutrition

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Energy drinks, energy bars, energy powders, energy this and that. It seems that wherever you turn you have products that promise to deliver the unattainable energy while at the same time remind you of how “low powered” you feel.

But take a quick look at what is inside this energy miracle products and you’ll see the enormous amounts of sugar (or derivatives). Sure, such amount of sugar consumed at once will give you an energy boost for a short period of time. Unfortunately, is exactly just that: short. And the last thing you want to do is keep pumping your body with such caloric bombs.

The short uplifting comes from the high total amount of sugar in your blood, and the downside is that, if you are not doing something that actually burns it right away, it will start packing up in the form of fat.

Want another downside? Your body reacts to sugar levels by producing insulin. This hormone enhances the uptake of glucose from your blood to your cells. But the production is limited and insulin production levels will be reduced as you age. So, spikes of sugar in your blood such as the ones given by the so called energy products will strain your insulin-producing cells. This is specially true in the morning, as your metabolism is just starting to catch up on a more active level. There are actually people who start their days with power bars…

So, set aside your energy drinks and bars and start doing something that will not only give you continuous levels of energy but also make you feel good physically and mentally. Improve your life, live better: Exercise…

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