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Dream everyday

By • Dec 7th, 2007 • Category: Featured Articles, Personal Development

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It costs nothing to dream. So, why are you afraid? It’s time to stop wishing and hoping. The day has come for you to begin dreaming.

Your day is chock full of pockets of time to dream. You can dream in the shower, over your morning cup of coffee, on the commute to and from the office, or while waiting for your children after school. How about the time you spend waiting for a load of laundry to finish?

But, how do you develop the mindset of a dreamer?

Multitask and switch gears

Women have the capacity to delegate to subordinates, scan their emails, and take calls at the same time. Men are known to conduct meetings where they easily switch from talking about one topic to discussing the complexities of another. Why not use these qualities to work on achieving your dream.

Stay focused

Avoid naysayers who masquerade as friends. Ensure that you dream is in the driver seat with all the negative baggage in the trunk and on its way to the dump. Keep your eye on the prize because shifting eyes can easily cause you to lose your focus.

Embrace new ideas

Listen to your heart when it starts nudging you to try something new. The very thought of being stagnant should motivate you. So, like a true dreamer, embrace and explore the ideas that come to mind on your daily journey through life.

Don’t play it safe

Often people allow the fear of failing to hinder them. Dreams broaden your thinking and boost your self-confidence. Whatever happens, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the effort. So believe in yourself, be bold, be brave and be daring.

Don’t attempt to go it alone

Use whatever resources are at your disposal to help you fulfill your dream. Take advantage of the Internet, the library, business associates, and supportive friends. Remember, “No man is an island.”

Remain flexible; dreams change

It is not so much the dream itself but what you envision for yourself that attracts you. The ultimate goal that you had as a child may be impractical now. Another aspiration, however, could net the same or better results. This is a worthwhile exercise. Get cracking.

Take smaller steps

Example: Do you want to be a makeup artist? Is a fulltime makeup course not manageable right now? Sign up for some short evenings courses. Become an apprentice at a beauty salon on weekends. Then offer to makeup the bridal party for a friend’s wedding. Before long your friend’s cousin may be calling you. Once you feel confident enough, ask a wedding planner to refer her clients to you in exchange for a referral fee or a discount to the client. Whatever you do, make a decision and move forward. Remember you have less to lose than you stand to gain by going after your dreams.

Keep company with other dreamers

How will you recognize them? Dreamers appear to have a far away look in their eyes because they are almost always one step ahead of their present existence. They can be so passionate when they speak, that you can’t help but find yourself sailing along with them on the ship of their dreams. Once you have been in the company of a dreamer, you will never be the same.

Life and time waits on no one. If you are not careful, you will awake one day to find that you’ve squandered the time you were given. Your life, what’s left of it, may be riddled with aches, pains, a small pension, loneliness, and a whole lot of regrets. It may not be too late, but then again, it just might be.

Take an analytical look at your life. Start dreaming, planning and working at it a little everyday because no dream is insignificant.


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  1. I think everyone should be encouraged to designate their own “Hope Street.” We all determine whether we will learn to empower ourselves from within. Thanks for such an inspirational post.

  2. Good day Liara,

    Thanks for stopping by with a comment. Keep the faith and continue to keep your hope alive.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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