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Are You Open To Change?

By • Oct 16th, 2007 • Category: Personal Development

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There was a time when I ate, slept and breathed interior design. But some months ago my husband asked me about my once burning passion, “So what about your love for interior design, is it dead?”

The truth is that while there remains a keen interest, I am no longer as passionate about it as I was seven years ago.

I recalled the birth of that dream and how fired up I was. I pursued it vehemently, like a crazed woman on a mission. I devoured every book and magazine I could lay my hands on and every design show on television. I studied for my diploma completing a two year course in seven months, printed business cards and handed them out at every opportunity.

To build a reputation I taught classes and took on any project that I could squeeze into my time-challenged life. However, my fulltime job put a spoke in my wheel because it left me little time to bring my dream to its full potential. Meanwhile, in the midst of feeling sorry for myself and totally frustrated and disappointed that I could not move forward, I rediscovered another dream that had been dormant since childhood.

My dream to be a writer went into hibernation in my early teens only to resurface while in pursuit of another. In fact, it was while writing a monthly decorating column for a magazine that the memory returned. Although time constraints remained a major problem, I found that writing was much easier to handle. A few minutes here and there, lunch hours, and commuting to work on the bus provided me will much needed time to test the waters. Studying for my diploma took the wind out of my sails though. I needed more time than I had to spare. But I ploughed through nonetheless.

Fast forward two years and an article I wrote for an online magazine, generated so many email responses that without realizing what was happening, I found myself on the threshold of where my writing was heading. Lifestyle, inspirational/motivational articles quickly became my specialty and my joyful passion.

With my diploma on the wall above my desk and eight years experience writing feature articles and columns, most of them published online, I dished my fulltime, time consuming nine to five job. I retired at fifty to write fulltime.

Sometimes our dreams change. The question is, are we open to those changes and willing to examine them. Who knows, they may lead us to discover something far deeper and more in line with who we are or can be.

I won’t be the least bit surprised if another change awaits me, just around the corner. I’m open. Are you?

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