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8Apps – for Productive People (invites to give)

By Marques • Sep 13th, 2007 • Category: Daily Planning, Productivity, Project Management, Tools

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Social Networks are everywhere and mostly I would say that they are very very counter productive. You check a story, and then another, and yet another, and add a contact and find out more about that contact and…. in an endless “waste” of time, or at least in a very unproductive manner.

But what if social networking could be productive?

This is the idea behind 8Apps. A social network for productive people.

It gathers in one place applications to help you manage your time and get the most out of your contacts. The objective is to gather 8 productivity applications (everything is pretty much still in development and for now only 4 of the 8 are available) and let you work together with your contacts on projects.

Handshake: This is by far the most popular of the available applications. It’s the social networking part of 8Apps and it’s where you can find contacts and browse their profiles, maybe invite them to your group and of course and of course message them individually or by group.

Orchestrate: The project/task management side of 8Apps. Create to-do lists, share tasks with your group, time-plan your tasks, etc.

Blueprint: It’s the project board. You and your contacts can share ideas, brainstorm, comment on the project, etc. It’s basically a round table for your projects together with your contacts.

Pinpoint: Meeting location planning. See where your contacts are located on a map (via Google maps) and arrange live meetings on a location and time of your group’s choice.


It’s fancy and it might prove useful if you manage to gather a group of contacts with like-minded ideas whiling to participate on your projects.

As any goof web 2.0 application should be, this beta version is accessible only through invitation. At the moment I have just under 50 invitations to distribute. If you are interested, drop a comment bellow and, until they are all gone, I’ll send one your way. You don not need to put your email on the message, just state that you want one invitation and fill the email field on your comment.

Of course that such an application has been creating some buzz around the web and many sites have published announcements and reviews of 8Apps. Bellow are some of them just in case you are more curious.

* Davor’s Technology Blog   * MintyBlog   * Teknobites   * DownloadSquad

* Brajeshwar   * ClayCarson   * Live2k


And what are the other productivity tools you use on your day-to-day? Share them on the comments bellow.

Popularity: 16% [?]

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  1. Can I get an invite?

  2. Hi JetGel,

    Thanks for your contact. You should have received the invite you requested on your email inbox.

  3. Thanks!!!

  4. Great article! Are invites still available?

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