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10 Christmas Practices to Repeat Year Round

By • Dec 14th, 2007 • Category: Habits, Lead Article, Personal Development

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photo: Claudia Meyer

People often lament the absence of the Christmas spirit in our dealings with others throughout the year. But how do put on that same happy and helpful spirit and wear it proudly all through 2008?

Look at the following practices that characterize the Christmas season. Pick a few, just a few, that you can incorporate into your daily life to make the New year bright, happy and prosperous on a larger scale.

Gift list

Have you ever received a Christmas gift from the most unlikely person? Even worse, the gift bore no significance and you threw it in a corner or gave it to someone else?

That “unlikely person” must have felt pressured to give the gift because, after all, it was Christmas. Right? That is such a waste of time. money and energy. Christmas really presses hard on peoples’ guilty button.

Save yourself from this kind of senseless pressure. Transform your long gift list into a short inventory of the most significant people in your life. Without the hectic mad rush to dictate your pace, enjoy the casual freedom to select the ideal simple, inexpensive, little tokens of your love, appreciation and gratitude.

Special food and drinks

Whenever you have a few dollars to spare, buy something that usually graces your table at Christmas time and treat your family. Do it for someone’s birthday. In fact, make it a real special treat and invite another family to share the meal with you.

Cleaning and Decorating

Doesn’t your home long for that extra special touch of TLC at other times of the year? Make your space shine and smile. Touch up those dirty spots on the wall, wash the cushion covers, dress up your bed in your once-a-year fancy bedspread or comforter. Why do you leave it tucked away until December? After working long and hard don’t you deserve the comfort of a home that looks and feels special?

Scrap that ho-hum everyday look that you call your January – November decorating style. Your home should always look well put together. Anytime of the year, anyone, including you should be able to walk through your front door and be greeted by lovely interior spaces. Drag out those cherished decorations that grace your rooms only in December. Display them; brighten and invigorate your home all year through with the collections that make your heart sing.

Visiting family and friends

It’s no wonder when some people get gifts and visits around Christmas time, they mumble under their breath, count the minutes until you leave and throw the gift in a cupboard somewhere. They don’t see you all year and then between December 24th and January 2nd you turn up at their door, unannounced and expecting to be lavished with appreciation and food.

Find out what would make a difference in their lives and bring you closer together in a genuine and meaningful way. Then do it. Don’t wait for Christmas. You have eleven months in which to show you really care.

Hosting family and friends

All year you refuse to invite anybody to your home because, you say, your house is in a mess. Make the same all out effort once or twice during the year and throw a couple of casual get-togethers.

Exercise your hosting skills; invite some people over. Cook up a storm or have each person contribute a dish. Leave the stress of daily living behind and enjoy the time together. Relationships need regular not seasonal care.

Attending church services

Are you one of those Christmas morning and Old Year’s Night churchgoers? Shame on you! Contrary to what you may think, there are no special blessings meted out to anyone at these times. Moreover, it’s doubtful that God hears your hypocritical prayers – loaded with lies and promises that don’t fool God who sees all and knows all.


You are sorely mistaken, if you believe that giving to the poor and needy is a Christmas duty, a virtue you are to exercise only in December. Are they rich and satisfied from January to November?

It is possible to make the time and sacrifice to give to those who are needy on a regular basis. Show that your concern is more than a once-a-year attack of a guilty conscience brought on by the raging infectious Christmas fever. Whenever you shop for your children, pick up an extra item or two for a child in the hospital, orphanage or your own neighborhood.

Are you guilty of not perpetuating the proverbial Christmas spirit all through the year? Get your name oft that list. Make 2008 happier and more prosperous by taking a few of the above-mentioned practices and using them to spread yearlong peace and goodwill.

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  1. hehe, it’s hard to keep spirits up but I want to be the guy everyone likes to be around vs the grump who everyone knows is just negative..good tips and happy holidays and a great 08 ;)

  2. Hi there Matt,

    Your comment made me smile in the midst of a chaotic moment. I identify with the feeling. It takes a bit of work to pull ourselves out of any sized slump.

    I hope that wherever you go, whatever you do and whoever you’re with, you enjoy the holidays immensely. And may 2008 be filled with more joy than you’ve ever known.

    Best wishes,
    Cheryl Wright

  3. Good morning Detox,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wife’s appreciation of her aunt’s gift by wearing it not only to commemorate the season when it was given but all year round. I’m sure she remembers her aunt fondly each time she slips that apron on to prepare a meal for the family.


  4. It’s so easy to use the same old decorations you’ve had for years – as you put it ‘Drag out those cherished decorations’. Yes, some are cherished and worth keeping but I think it’s a good idea to throw out some of the tired decorations now and again and look around for something new. You’ll probably find something of much better quality.

  5. Thanks for your contribution Jack Aston. I agree. Spice it up a bit.


  6. Dear Cheryl,

    Christmas is just around the corner, and your article is super helpful and great. Hope you have a great Christmas!!


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